Our references

France Europe Innovation has been involved in many projects since its creation in 1999, providing services to SMEs, large companies or research laboratories.

Our customer references include: Snecma Moteurs, Institut Gustave Roussy, Université Paris X Nanterre, Les Grands Ateliers, Fian Design Systems, Reportive, ENPC ...

France Europe Innovation has been or is still in charge of the administrative and financial coordination of, among others, the following projects:

    • Project HEALTH LeukoTreat led by the University of Clermont-Ferrand 1 - FP7 - learn more

    • Projet HEALTH Loulla&Philla led by Only for Children Pharmaceuticals - FP7 - learn more

    • Project SME-1 OptoCO2Fish led by Neotek - FP7 - learn more

    • Project LIFESCIHEALTH KidsCancerKinome led by the Gustave Roussy Institute – FP6 - learn more

    • Project IST MESH led by DURAN DUBOI – FP5 - learn more

    • Project GROWTH SILENCER led by Snecma Moteurs – FP5 - learn more

Furthermore, France Europe Innovation has been mandated by the European Commission to develop an economic intelligence initiative called MAPO. The MAPO project is designed to identifying SMEs of the marine sector and helping them launch projects dedicated to fighting marine pollution - FP6- learn more
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